E-Max Crowns

Bringing life to your smile

E-max crowns are rather transparent and thus complement your teeth’s colour the best. Because of this feature, it is a preferred choice for crown repair, particularly in front teeth.

A flawless smile design is made for the patients using this treatment procedure, which prioritises aesthetic appearance. E-max is a ceramic material that combines strength and beauty.

Patients benefit from Emax Crowns as well as the dentist’s extensive knowledge, experience, and artistry.

After all, nothing will boost up your confidence as much as a dazzling and confident smile!

E-Max Crowns

These are unique crowns made of lithium disilicate material. Furthermore, these crowns are constructed from a single block of this material, resulting in a high strength crown. As a restorative crown material, lithium disilicate is noted for its exceptional strength and appealing looks.

Who Can Benefit The Most From Emax Crowns?

Emax crowns both strengthen and improve the appearance of existing teeth. People who have discoloured teeth, damaged teeth, or who require a crown can gain the greatest benefit from them.

What is the difference between Emax and zirconia crowns?

The key differences between a zirconium crown and an E-max crown are strength and appearance. As previously stated, E-max crowns are constructed from a single block of a strong substance called lithium disilicate. This implies that there are no joints in the crown, therefore they are able to tolerate more pressure than zirconium crowns.

How Long Does Emax Crowns Treatment Take in Turkey?

We accomplish all phases of emax crown treatment in Turkey in 3-7 days, including rehearsal, for those who have no difficulties with their teeth and gums or who have these problems checked.