Laminate Veneers

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This procedure can repair gaps between teeth and correct crooked, discoloured, damaged, and severely worn teeth (diastemas). Another option for achieving a fresh, straight, white smile is to reshape and lengthen your teeth.

Laminate Veneers: These are unquestionably the number one star of Hollywood’s smile and smile design.

It is also known as laminated porcelain and leaf porcelain. Because of its thin structure and strong light transmittance, it is the most aesthetically pleasing restoration procedure.

Laminate Veneers

A veneer is a wafer-thin laminate or shell made of tooth-colored material (which can be porcelain or composite bonding material) that is glued onto your own prepared tooth but covers the entire tooth to enhance its aesthetics.


Veneers can help anyone who wants to feel more confident about their smile, but first make sure you’re a suitable candidate. Speaking with our patient coordinator is the best approach to learn more about this procedure. If you are interested in veneers or have any questions or concerns regarding them, please contact us to be sure.

We take meticulous measures for each step of this procedure since we have highly skilled specialists operating at our cosmetic dental facility. The treatments we provide to patients meet the highest health-care standards.

Perfectly fitted veneers that cover natural teeth without damaging them

Veneers, which should not be confused with dental crowns, are thin and precisely made to fit over the front of your teeth.

Why choose Armada Smile?

The Armada Smile dentistry facility collaborates closely with dental experts and a laboratory to design a bespoke veneer repair that is ideally suited in colour and form to your existing teeth and facial characteristics. You will have the opportunity to try out your new smile before we secure it, which is known as the rehearsal of your preparation, to ensure you are happy with the final new sparkling look.

How Much Does A Sinus Lift Surgery Cost In Turkey?

The cost of surgery in Turkey might differ significantly depending on its complications. The cost of the procedure normally rises as more bone graft material is required. When considering major surgery, you should be certain that you are working with a qualified professional and experienced specialist.

What benefit does a laminate veneer offer?

The amount of filing down the enamel is the most significant benefit. Laminate veneers may make teeth whiter than they currently are and make them seem more natural.

How long do veneers last?

The patient’s level of care for the veneers will determine how long they last; they must be maintained exactly like real teeth, so keep them clean. In order to prevent veneers from cracking or chipping while you sleep, we advise nightguards for patients who experience bruxism (tooth grinding).


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